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    I first met Steve about 15 years ago at a CSF meeting. I had offered to teach a deer hair spinning class to members of the club at no charge. Steve was one of the students to attend that class. We had talked about getting together so Steve could give fly fishing for bass a try. Our schedules never seemed to be in synch with one another. I eventually transferred out of state with the company I was employed.

    Fate would find me back in the Vancouver area 6 years later. Fate would also have me run into Steve at the only CSF meeting I have ever attended since moving back to the area ( I work swing shift and can not attend any of the meetings). We talked about getting together on the water sometime during the upcoming spring. Again, we had a difficult time getting our schedules in synch. Steve and I got together at a friends house Saturday for a little fly tying and smack talking session. He had mentioned that he and his friend were going to the John Day in a couple of weeks. I went home and tied a couple of flies for him to try on that trip. I delivered the flies the next day. Before going to his house, I checked the weather report. It appeared the wind would be manageable that afternoon. I delivered the flies and suggested we head out towards Stevenson that afternoon. Steve had nothing planned and we agreed that I would pick him up at noon for a couple of hours on the water.

    We arrived at the lake with a moderate WNW wind on the water. We decided fish the northern portion of the lake first to escape the gusts. Steve managed to catch a small bluegill, but fishing was pretty slow. We moved to a point that has been productive in the past. After an hour fishing the point with no strikes, I decided it was time to fish along Highway 14.

    I tied on a black bugger with a black bead and caught 3 small bass in quick succession. Because Steve did not have a sinking line, I offered him the use of my rod. He declined, but did accept the fly I cut off from my line. About 5 minutes later, Steve said he had a bass hooked. I looked over and saw a slight bend in his rod. I figured he had hooked a small bass. I was mistaken. I made my way over towards Steve so that I could get a photo of Steve with his first fly rod bass. I was surprised to see that Steve was still fighting this fish. I was also surprised to see the bend in his rod. Steve had a nice fish on at the end of his line. After about another 5 minutes, I was able to get the fish in the net. Steve had caught his first fly rod smallmouth bass. It was 17" long and weighed 3 pounds. What a great first smallie! I could not have been happier. Steve and I fished for about another hour with no further strikes. That fish had definitely made the trip. I am a little concerned for Steve. How is he going to top that? I guess he is just going to have to land a 20" smallie. That has been my goal for the past 2 years. I told Steve that if he achieves that goal before me, he WILL be walking home from the lake. : ) I hope he does. It could not happen to a better guy.


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