Topper Rack and Fly Rod Vault


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I am thinking about investing in a rack for my topper with a Titan fly rod vault. I just spent a week fishing different rivers in Montana and it is such a drag to keep breaking everything down for an hours worth of driving.

I have a hood mount, which is great, but doesn't work well for higher speed driving.

I am looking for any info from members who have gone this way.


Derek Young

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Buy local and go with a Big Sky Rod Box. I've got the Sculpin, so I still have to break rods down, but they are bomber.


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My friend in Billings has two of the Titan vaults on top of his Alaskan telescoping camper (the latter of which he just sold, damn it). What a luxury! They are really great for coming off the river in the dark and sliding your nymph, dry and streamer set ups into the three ports without breaking down the rods. Before he got the second vault, we had to arm wrestle for the three slots (usually put the complicated nymph set ups in them).

I looked at the Big Sky Rod Box "sculpin" at last year's Ennis on the Madison fly fishing festival and thought it was really well made. Since I don't have a shell on my truck, I have it in the back of my mind as a future option if I can every justify the purchase.

You'll have to note how you'd access them, as one will be from the back of the vehicle (standing on the tailgate in my friend's setup) while the other you'd be on the side of your vehicle. If you have the cash and fish enough, I think they are great options. The rods in the Titan vault have never had an issue despite many miles and crappy access roads.