"Tough" choice


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I need some help with a "difficult" decision. My future father in law kindly gave my fiance and I a week of timeshare for our honeymoon with our choice of locations. We have narrowed our choices to New Zealand, Fiji, or Tahiti. She is INSISTING that I at least do some fishing (who am I to argue) so I would appreciate some input on what angling opportunties might be available.

Of course I want to include her since she's interested in learning to fly fish, so I'm leaning towards something fun and relatively easy like casting poppers to reef fish or mahi-mahi, etc....I've always wanted to stalk big trout in NZ but might not be a good choice for a beginner. Maybe I might squeeze in a day of marlin trolling too. Also, we'll be going in mid April.

Thanks in advance.
Congratulations Guy! I am glad to see things are turning around. I personally would love to go to Fiji.

Let me know when you get all moved in.


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Thanks Mike. Just got the keys to the new place today! 5 acres with a great view of Mt. Hood and only 10 min to the 'Shoug!

I'm thinking Fiji too.
I had my honeymoon in Tahiti and loved it. Reef fishing there is fast and fun for beginners. I spent most of my time on Moorea and there were definitely bonefish flats there for you to explore. My wife wanted all of my attention for that trip, but we're going back next year and I'm gonna have some fun fishing. Tahitian bonefish are known for being large and eager to grab a fly.... there just aren't a lot of them. PM me if you want some info from a travel company I have worked with in the past, they actually have a guide outfit down there for the bonefishing.


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fish in salt or fresh??? first question to resolve.

mention already made about a salt choice.

south island is the place to go for fussy trout, maybe, and also the best scenery your eyes will ever feast on. also MUCH less expensive than tahiti or morea. of course if money is no object..........
i've been to Fiji 2x and it really depends on where you are going to stay. i was there once for 2 1/2 months........ it is a friendly place but there are some weird cultural things such as the indian vs. local islander issues (sparked a war) it is a 3rd world country in most places......... be sure to drink BOTTLED WATER w/ NO ICE unless the ice is bottled water too.......bring a stock pile of immodium!

if it was me, i'd be heading to NZ for sure! or Tahiti as #2 choice


btw......remember ,their seasons are opposite of ours
Many overseas anglers end up disappointed with the NZ trout fishing experience, simply because, like anywhere, local knowledge is paramount. On many S. Island rivers, fish numbers are not great, but fish size can be (there are exceptions - e.g., the Mataura River has some exceptional numbers of 2-6 lb browns in some stretches). Getting into spooky trophy-sized fish is often a stalking/sightfishing game best played with a partner/spotter on the opposite bank and it's not unusual in some of the back country fisheries to walk a number of miles in a day, wet wading, and skipping some good looking water if not fish are sighted. If your river time is limited, which it sounds as if it might be, consider one or more days out with a guide.

Having said that, the rivers and countryside are beautiful and diverse, it's generally safe (don't leave valuables in sight in vehicles in back country areas or resort towns) and friendly, traffic is light, and resort areas like Queenstown, Wanaka and Te Anau have plenty of non-fishing activities and some good lake fishing. I'm mainly familiar with trout fishing in the southern half of the S. Island. The north of the S. Island, around Nelson and the Marlborough Sound area, has an almost Mediterranean climate, plenty of wineries, good food (which, I hate to admit, can be a rare thing in parts of NZ) and some good fishing opportunities, but I only managed to get up there fishing a few times.

Weather can change quickly in the S Island - summer weather generally settles down by early January, but if you go, take some good lightweight rain gear. The N Island also has some great lake and river fishing.

If you do decide to go, and the timeshare is around the Queentown/Wanaka/Te Anau area, PM me for some specific info on areas I'm familiar with. Also, didymo (rock snot) has spread to many S Island rivers - there are biosecurity regulations in place, and now a need for special permits for the more fragile back country rivers - check the current regulations.