"Tricked ou"t Airstream trailers.

I dunno Ed, Kym designed them to be all terrain capable, yet still just barely fit into a shipping container for multi continent journeys. If you had a rack and a boat on you'd have to ro-ro ( roll on roll off) ship them between destinations. I'm not a very materialistic person, but these rigs are pretty damn sweet.


Rob Ast

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Mitsu based Earth Cruiser > anything else. Aussie ingenuity, Japanese reliability, a reasonable price, and a world wide parts and service support system trump all.

Dammit, why did you have to show me this. Now I gotta start saving up my pennies instead of blowing it on drugs (or gear).
All be it years ago on an extended trip to New Zealand ... the 'ex' tripped out camping vans out of Japan was a total 'Wooozer.' Japanese have some very interesting 'laws' on vehicle maintenance (or did then; now?). Bottom line was after 5 years (or sum such) you had to have the thing re-built ... darned near from the ground up. End game was it just wasn't worth the money; go get another one.

Some entrepreneur in NZ knew a good deal when he saw one. Would buy these up for "pennies on the dollar," have them shipped to NZ and converted them from rights side steering to left (ya-ya, they drive on the wrong side of the road). At the time you could pat 30-40 grand for a VW Van-a-gone .... or 5-7 K for one of these.

Don't know if the units are still being built, if so and intro'ed into the US they would turn our RV industry on its head.

Ed Call

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I am make a quick connect roof rack system for that rig. For the cataraft I'm thinking a set of ramps that retract into just below the roof, lined with strips of UHMW to winch that cat up on top slick as shit. Roof rack rod holders-a-plenty, no problem.