Pattern Trout Style Wiggle Minnow

Brad Niemeyer

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it usually just wiggles back and forth. Some spining happens if the leader is not stiff enough to prevent it. Sometimes I use a tiny snap swivel , but its not been a problem so far. The foam top floats up and keeps it oriented I guess.

the wiggle action is really cool. The only problem is getting the fly deep enough for trout. Bass will slam it topwater, so far trout have not .


has never caught a steelhead... (its sad, I know)
Are your 3 colors of foam sheeting glued together, or do you just dry-stack them? I like the looks of this, and I would like to try it out on some hybrids and stripers. I think your sinking-line approach would be just right...

Brad Niemeyer

Old School Member
Spray glue the sheets together. You can get some nice minnow looks if you keep the darkest shade on top lightest on the bottom. This one has the dark stripe of a chub or a dace. Its very easy to put parr marks or perch marks on for a more realistic pattern ( maybe fire tiger?). (See baby rainbow version attached for stocker lake bass). I plan to tie some up with some glitter foam I just found.

This fly has produced for bass, no trout yet but I rarely fish it