Tuesday Lincoln Park

Just quick,

Hit the beach right at high tide tuesday, around 4:30 pm. Fish were there. And when I say fish were there, I mean wow, a great couple hours fishing.

Three to hand, one SRC about 14 inches, and two smaller rezzies. All on a gray/white clouser. Lots more missed on the clouser and a popper.

All in all, a nice afternoon. last time I caught a fish was in August in Romania, so as you can imagine I've been itching to get something on the line.

God its nice to be back in Washington. Hopefully I'll see some of you guys on the water. And hopefully next time I'll have my waders which I haven't used in a year and half repaired so I don't have to ride the bus home with a sopping wet right leg. Ahhh, fishing.

cheers guys,


I'll get a picture up tomorrow of the SRC.