Turkeys coming soon.....

Charlie S

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At least here in California. Season opens Mar 28th with a limit of three birds for the season.

I just put a new sight and drop away rest on the bow. Have it sighted in and am practicing daily, when it's not pouring. So far so good. Using Rage broadheads this year due to great results with them on pigs and deer, and recommendations from friends who turkey hunt with them.

House remodel is coming along and hopefully I can get it sold this year and move up to the Spokane area. Can't wait to get out of this state despite the great hunting I get to experience. I have a lifetime license so I can come back when I want to hunt but I think I'd just like to stay up there and away from this mad house.

Jake Bannon

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I can hardly wait for turkey hunting, I havnt had a gun in my hands since November! I better start playing around with my calls soon, Id hate to get out there and sound like crap. Oh well, I'll practice when Im calling in my brother's birds. :D


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I am trying to get my wife on board for a turkey time trip back "home" to Stevens county... Hard to beat spring turkeys! Well except for the spring ticks that come along with it.


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I was all gung ho a few weeks ago, and then the weather reverted back to January...now I'm stuck in that mode until I regain feeling in my toes. BUT YES...it is almost turkey time...and I cannot wait! Last year was my first endeavor and I'm hooked! My 3-year old daughter and I practice on the 'cut and cluck' I purchased last year...she is pretty good...maybe I can convince my wife to let her go play in the woods with me! :D
Andrew if you need a hunting partner or want to go bust a few clays to get the eye tuned let me know. Gotta love those turned on toms. Frank

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I hope it warms soon, and considerably, or my hunch is the birds will be tough to coax come April 15th. Where I hunt, last year they were not interested on the opener because the snow stayed on the ground late. This year has been even colder. And the area where I take my son for the youth hunt needs an even more significant warming trend starting NOW.