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Anyone have any luck?

I tried a few places with poor results. Saw two birds over three days from Okanogan National Forest to Colville National Forest.

I'm thinking that the Toms are not 'hot and bothered' yet.

If nothing else it was a great time with my dad...his first time hunting turkeys, and I wish I had a camera to take a picture of his face when we got our first gobble. I have not seen my Dad move that quick to get ready in years!

BTW - check how deep the snow patches are that cover the roads prior to driving through them...my father and I spent an 1.5 hours digging out my truck when we figured this one patch was like all the others 6-12", however, it ended up being more like 18" of concrete!


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Well, I spent Saturday morning watching turkey porn. Right about 05:45 this group started flying down from their roost. First the tom and then 7 hens. Ol' tom started strutting right away and after watching him mount a hen and ignoring 20 minutes of calls I realized he wasn't going to be leaving his harem any time soon. He was out of range and they all trotted off farther out of range so I went back to the house and had some coffee.

Yeah, it was in the "back yard"...nothing the rest of the weekend.
Went yesterday. Three moose and one deer. Little turkey sign. Still think there is too much snow in my area and the birds are a little lower. Won't be long.
Me and Dad doubled on two gobblers at 5:30 right when they hit the ground and started strutting. 1,2,3, BOOM BOOM. Two birds down, and then the third morning....the 17th, I managed to intercept another Tom and put him down at 50+ yards with my new choke/shell combo. It was a ton of fun, and Dad finally got to hunt since his back surgery.


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man alive did I think....that is think I had it all covered on Sunday morning.

Had the son of a gun roost gobbling hard, only to fly the other direction away from me with his bitches.....it was fun as hell though trying!


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We spent an hour trying to locate, and heard nothing, however, I decided to turn up one last road. Let out a call with almost zero anticipation of a response, and was shocked by a thunderous gobble which seemed to be 100-200 yards away! Needless to say I screwed up...my father didn't hear it so I called again, and the bird gobbled again, which seemed even closer. Needless to say we had 'nothing' ready...guns in cases, coats, hat, masks in the back, decoys deflated. I'm sure that bird worked his way up to us and saw us. We worked our way down the slope and set up in a great spot...should have know after an hour or so of hearing nothing that we spooked him. Walked around the area a bit only to find that we found the roost! Got out of there quick, and tried later afternoon, however, this time we came in from a different direction, didn't call, just crept in close to within 100-150 yards of the trees we believed to be the roost. Slammed on the 'brakes' when I spotted him walking around pecking at the ground, slowly placed a jake and hen deek out and slid backward 20 yards and set up. Gave a few quiet purrs, and never saw him again. My father thought he saw him sneaking up our flank, which wouldn't surprise me...especially if we spooked him in the morning.

What we thought was a great day turned sour by two high schoolers blowing by us in their truck as we ate a 'roadside' feast of ramen, only to hear a few reports 15-20 minutes later (8:00 - 8:30 basically dark).

Decided to give this tom a break, that is if he was still alive, and head further east. Came back to the same area near dusk to see if we could get a few roost calls with an owl locator, and sure enough we came across the same truck 'shinning' trees...couldn't get a plate number, just the description. Makes you wonder how much shit goes on like this:mad:

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Neighbor & I got 2 down in the Blues . . . then broke-out the delicate rods and had a ball with trout. No runs, no ticks, no errors . . .
ya my first trip up in E wash. we got stuck TWICE in the same day in the snow and we were in a toyota 4runner and we got pulled out by two friggin jeeps! and the only turkeys we saw were comin down i-90 on the side of the free way at the bottom of the pass haha what a weekend

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Ya gotta luv little Jeeps! Don't feel bad . . . built Jeeps have rescued a lot of more pedigreed rigs . . . it's a "Jeep Thing" . . . I've seen 2 Jeeps with winches do some amazing things (they also go places that cause the owner to scratch his head when figuring how to get back out, but like fly-fishing, it is a passion, albeit with the potential to be a tad more expensive.

Lots of turkeys in the Blues . . . hunting the backside of the lakes early (read EARLY) in the morning has always produced . . . be in-position in the dark. Pays to scout & know the terrain.

Good luck!


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Been meaning to post this...my brother-in-law and I tagged this bird 5/2...we parked the truck and walked five minutes into our hunt and bumped (litterally!) into two toms and a hen. Mike and I shot the same bird since it was the only one we could distinguish in the blink of an eye. Needless to say we played cat and mouse the remainder of the day.

Bird must have just gotten out of 'Jakedom' since he weighed only 16 lbs. and had at best a four inch beard (like I said we we're close when it all went down!), but as you can see the fan is complete. Do toms lose some beard length when battling other toms? I ask cause this tom's beard was extremely tattered. Maybe he's a Tom that doesn't like chest hair? :clown:

BTW - I owned a jeep...and agree they are amazing...not sure of the newer ones, my 89 was great except for the crap carburator they used...sold it after I spent the money on a fuel injection conversion kit...dumbest thing I've ever done! There is something to say about the moto "keep it simple...stupid".