NFR Turntable/record player help

Greg Armstrong

Check the prices on the needles for the player. some are really high priced. Bring in a good lp and play it on the device before you buy it.
Aw, don't worry too much about that.
Get about a size 22 Mustad, bend it just a little to fit, and it'll play like new.
You might get a little Norwegian lingo wound up in the lyrics - but what the hell, it'll be retro' and sound great!.


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If you didn't toss your Technics turntable, it's possible to order replacement drive belts. I did that for my obsolete Sansui table a decade ago, and it stays LP ready.

Put the needle on the record
Put the needle on the record
Put the needle on the record
And the drum beat goes like this
Ah, middle school. Suburban white kids trying to pull off the drop crotch pants look and dance the running man. Joy and pain (pump it up, pump it up), sunshine and rain.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
My old turntable has never played anything from that "less than sub-human mongrel beotch" that goes by the name of Ted Nugent. It has turned lots of Bob Dylan and Grateful Dead, though.
The turntable I had before the Technics (a Sansui that I got in a trade from my brother in 1975) was stolen with a classic Ravi Shankar album on it. The album was worth more to me than the turntable.
I have a number of turntables (a weird story)... I would suggest "direct drive" or "linear tracking" type... a good needle (similar to a decent rod & good fly line). You can find quality used turntables for a reasonable price (Craig's List $25 - $50) then take it in & get it tested/adjusted as needed... (just one more opinion)

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Awww heck! If Gary doesn't take me up on my offer, I might have to hunt down an amp. I have this thing made by Panasonic in my garage that records 8-tracks and has an AM/FM tuner. Its supposedly for recording 8-tracks from radio. It doesn't play them, though. I should examine it and see if it doesn't have an input for a turntable.
I think I still have an 8-track player and some old 8-tracks in a box in the attic of my garage, that my brother gave me after he wrecked his car that the 8-track player was in.

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Donny, you're out of your element...
I just put the needle down on Tom Wait's Nighthawks at the Diner, probably my favorite vinyl...When you get your turntable Gary, this album, for your girlfriend...can't go wrong...
Thanks guys. Steve saville had a Sanyo tucked away in his garage that he offered up for free, so I'm going to grab that from him and see.what it can do.
Free is good.

If you're up in Roosevelt stop by Hawthorne and check out their reference table. It's an old Linn LP12 that doesn't look like much, but they made so many modifications that I think It'll do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.