Two Easy Electric Motor Mounts For Small Boats


John or "LC"
While an iPilot bow mount would be nice, I wanted to make use of my existing 55# transom mount electric and didn't want to drill the hull anymore than the previous owner who must of been a Sarah Palin fan, "drill baby drill"...sheesh. This boat has a rolled gunwale, which makes things difficult. After way too much thinking about it, I stumbled across on old portable transducer mount for a tube or pontoon. The C-clamp fit the gunwale perfectly, and I built it from there. Bought some 4x4 1/4" aluminum from an online source that cuts to size (about $8.50), added two pads of 3/4" ply stained and urethaned and it was done. Haven't tried it yet, but the center of gravity with the heavy Minn Kota is pretty high so the gunwale may have some flex. I will probably anchor it to some through hull bolts in place now.

Asusming you can find the clamp which is the challenge, this mount should work on many different skiffs and can be removed in seconds.

I wanted a stern mount too. When we took it out last weekend I nearly lost the motor because clamps don't do well directly on fiberglass.

The boat came with some channel aluminum for an Edie EZ Loader wheel system installed. I'll never use that system but someone down the line might, and I liked the idea of having an anchor for accessories on the transom. I ordered 18" of aluminum square to fit the channel from the same source above ($6.85) laminated two thicknesses of 3/4" ply, urethaned, and simply bolted together and ran two bolts through the channel and aluminum tube. This mount is very strong and essentially now part of the transom, although it too can be removed with only two cap screws.

Adding channel to the transom would be very simple, and it can provide a base for a motor mount, swim ladder, float tube loader, transducer, lots of things.

Total cost for both mounts was about $40, including shipping for the metal, and stainless hardware which was the single biggest expense. Hope this gives someone who may have been considering similar projects some ideas.



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I was thinking of something like that for my drifter when I use both electric and power motor. I now just have the electric 55# and hate how they only go over the back an inch or two so I put a industrial rubber sheet over the back for the motor mount to grab better and a bolt eye and chain for safety means encase it ever falls off while using, use the chain for gas motor also!

I here you on the drilling in fiberglass, the two big bolts in the pic are my positive and negative for my electric, they go through the box and come out the bottom to the battery box under the passenger seat, wired with cut 8 gauge jumper cables, big wing nuts for the factory c-clips on the minn-kota motor. The thick hard rubber on both sides gives the motor a very good bite.

This looks like a good add on mount - thanks for posting.
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John or "LC"
This weekend I put the bow motor mount through some water tests, and have to say it's probably a fail as designed as a portable mount. I did strengthen the mount by adding some earthquake strapping to the an existing through hull bolt, but it wasn't enough to feel 100% confident. The torque of the motor at any decent speed still flexes the mount and gunwale to the point where I think I could lose it. It would probably be fine with a smaller motor but the 55# is too much for this mount.

The two changes I need to make are 1) using 3/8" aluminum, not 1/4", and 2) sadly, affixing the entire assembly to the hull and gunwale and forgetting the clamp. The stern mount is simple and rock solid and having a stiff transom with through hull bolting for the stem makes a big difference.

This mount would be perfect for lots of small boats with a smaller motor, but for this one, back to the drawing board!