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Thanks guys... It is nice knowing others have this block at times too. I think I'm going to run over to the fly shop, take a few deep breaths, sit back and shoot the bull with them, and maybe pick up a new bobbin, threads, dubbing, and turkey tails. Ah hell, maybe a line as well... If that doesn't work, I'll go throw a line somewhere with what I have, realize I don't have what I really should be throwing, and shame myself into motivation. That has worked in the past.



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Tunes are key for me

When I drag my iPod upstairs to the tying bench, I can crank out flies like nothing doing for hours on end. :thumb: If I don't, it's just a couple, maybe a half-dozen and I'm done.

I'm actually happy either way ... I tie enough to keep ahead of the power curve even at a slow pace ... but probably this is as much a testament to not getting out fishing enough as much as anything.


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Desmond Wiles said:
Are you kidding? 30 dozen? that's 360 a day! Let's suppose she worked 10 hour days. That equals out to be more than 1 every 2 minutes.... Wow!

I suppose if I was that fast at it, I'd start up my own fly tying company.
A few years ago, in the early spring, I had the good fortune to have a casual conversation with A.K. Best. He is a one man tying company who ties some of the nicest commercialy available fies you will ever see. He had just finished up his orders for the year. I asked how many flies he typicaly tied each winter.

His reply...... about 1200 dozen.

I'm glad to be reading these posts, and know that I'm not the only one who has these tying problems. I always thought I was just a lazy slacker who didn't tie my fair share of flies.

And as far as the professional tier's numbers, a good friend of mine is a professional tier in Kodiak, and you'll ask him, "how many," he'd tied today, and his response will be like, "15," "20," "25," and so on. He counts his flies by the dozen, and he regularly ties 25 or more dozen flies a day. And to watch him do it, was pretty incredible. He'll have a pile of a hundred completed flies on the table in front of him.

Of course he's as single as a guy can get, and he keeps some pretty weird hours, so I guess finding the time wasn't an issue for him.

I love tying; it's incredibly satisfying. Getting ready for a trip motivates me and filling my "supply boxes" with old standards also motivates me. I enjoy it more in the winter when I can sit at the vise, tie, listen to music, and daydream. I've kept a fishing journal for over three decades and I've also kept a tying journal for quite a few years. Reading through my fishing and/or tying journal helps get me started sometimes. Still, there are times when the mood isn't right so I just leave it alone. In the 70's I built about a dozen rods. (I sold some of them and gave the rest away these last two years.) As I was divesting myself of "vintage" tackle" I started building rods again with modern blanks. It's not the same as fly tying but it was also very satisfying. When I had finished building a couple rods my energy and desire to tie flies was back.

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My favories are the Elk Hair Caddis because they are so easy to tie. And with my shaky hands they are stilll a chore. But now I've been playing arounf with Stimulators. But alas no pictues as My camera took a drink and now it's shot. So much for a digital camera. And this is the second one that got wet. I must be hell on them.

it is about time for a bunch of chernobyl ants with long legs. skate them and keep them moving on the surface. if that does not work then kick back with a cold busch light. mike w
When I get bored I have other hobbies to perk it up, digital photographty, metal detecting and fly fishing (of course it leans toward your post but I thought I'd throw it in for fun)


And I'm shopping for a motorcycle for a new toy