Tying flies before you hit the water...

No better flies get tied, in my opinion, than the ones just prior to a trip. Can be as simple as an afternoon run to a local lake, or flies tied the week before departing to exotic locales halfway around the world.

Just finished tying a few bugs for a morning trip to a beach with a new friend. Like many of you I'm sure, I always tie better when anticipation of a trip is high.

Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying what's available, I'm enjoying a nice glass of bourbon, tying some flies while the wife and kids are here with me reading/listening to a little music on the iPod.


Crunch time is about the only time I get on it. I don't have a winter "off season". It seems like winter is when I burn through the most flies. More off time=more fishing. Throughout the rest of the year it seems like I'm tying just for what's coming up, barely staying ahead of the game.

Edit: That fly looks salty as hell, but freshwater stripers was the first blip on my mental radar...


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I admire the guys who can sit down and tye in the off season, I wish I could. I tye better under pressure, then hopefully I don't leave to go fishing and leave them on the rack.

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It really doesn't matter how many flies I have available, I almost always use flies that I tie the night before a trip. And I always really, really need to stay up tying those flies, even if I already have full boxes ready to go.
I think its kinda a way to relax, clear my head and form a gameplan next day.
Well, the fly got eaten a few times, unfortunately the operator (that would be me) was a little slow on the take today!

Good thing I had the good fortune of fishing with Eyejuggler who was kind enough to show me how it's done! Fun morning, a few fish here and there, definitely only going to improve.

We did see a telephone pole floating out there, that's kinda weird?!

The problem (?) is that I accumulate so many mediocre flies when I tie ahead that I'm stuck with junk. I hit on a few good patterns that I regularly use and the rest take up room. It's an addict ion. Nice tie, Dan. I'll be in for a few. :)