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    For all you spey and salmon tiers:

    Michael Radencich has produced a DVD titled Tying the Classic Salmon Fly.
    His like-titled book is about the best step by step reference available on the techniques used on salmon flies. Even if you do not tie classic flies this book can be a BIG help to all your tying.

    I lifted the following from the address below.

    Michael has taken his book "Tying the Classic Salmon Fly" and produced a like-titled DVD that is a superbly produced, two disk, 3-hour seminar on tying that quintessential classic, the Jock Scott. However, that is where the similarity ends. While the book remains one of our most used references, the DVD is instead a private tutorial in how to tie a complex pattern, step-by-step; you essentially have a bird's eye perspective of Mike at the vise. This is as close as you could come to a private lesson, and you can run it over and over again.

    Components of the fly are indexed on the DVD, in the order in which they are tied. Every step includes the necessary material preparation such as: splitting floss for tags; selecting tails; folding body hackles; or determining the correct position for the joints on a multi-jointed body, etc. The index also allows the user to review a single step as many times as necessary to understand, and master the technique. We found that to be especially helpful in building a tapered underbody, which for some of us has always been somewhat perplexing; I'm seeing a distinct improvement in my tying as a result. Mike's instructions are clear and the photography and production quality are brilliant. This is a very well produced private salmon fly tying clinic with the man that Marvin Nolte has referred to as "the finest salmon fly tyer I know," and that is strong praise indeed.

    Go here for more info http://www.salmonflysupply.com

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