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anyone have any tested experience creating a backpacking solution for rod tubes? I normally just buck it up and pack in the aluminum tubes, but figure if I can cut that weight down it might enable me to bring more than one rod for the same weight.

I was thinking about swinging by TAP plastics to see if they have any plastic tubing that'd do the trick, but figure I'd ask here to see what you guys might have come up with.


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I have a plastic tube from many years ago that I carried my then all around trout rod - a Scientific Anglers 6 wt fiberglass - in. That tube flexes a bit, and I broke the butt section on a backpacking trip, which led to my acquisition of a Sage 590-2 LL as my new basic trout rod for a number of years. The lightest tubes that actually protect rods are the aluminum ones that come with higher end rods. Otherwise I opt for an 8' 4-piece that I rubber band together and stick inside my backpack with no other protection. All the plastic tubes worth using that I've checked are heavier than aluminum.



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The fluorescent tubes offer little crush protection. I usually just risk it and put the rod in a sock and go. With four sections working together it's pretty strong. Just don't roll down the mountain, and if you do hard enough to break your rod that may not be your biggest concern!

I don't really use them for crush protection. Just to keep the tip from snagging on the occasional branch. For my shorter sectioned travel rods, I just put them in the sock with no tube. If weight was a real concern for me, I'd ditch the sock and just use a couple of twist ties.


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Home store thin walled plastic tubing and push caps. Tape one cap in place othe slides on and off. Get large enough diameter to carry all your rods in one tube.

Standard aluminum rod tube should hold two rods if packed carefully.

Cardboard tubes come in different thicknesses from mailing tubes down to those found in wrapping paper. How much protection you prefer will dictate the weight.

Carbon fiber tubes are a bit lighter than aluminum tubes.