Unknown Bamboo Rod


"Chasing Riseforms"
Can anyone identify this rod. I don't know bamboo rods. No markings of any kind. Brass reel seat. 9' 6" and the extra tip is probably about up to 9'. A neighbor asked me if I could help him. Any value to this? He might want to sell cheap. Thanks.
I'll take a guess. Looks like an early Montague, though a lot of rods from that era look pretty similar.. Unfortunately, not much value to those, especially when they are in need of a full redo. It is likely heavy with a slow, whippy action. It could be a fun project for someone to refinish and go swing wet flies with. But to be on the safe side, wait til someone who knows more than I do tells you it isn't worth anything.

If you do get a positive ID, please let us know.
I checked my copy of Michael Sinclair's book. The sliding band reel seat with foot guides, grip shape, and bottle-shaped ferrules match a picture of a Chubb / Montague from 1925.