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    Aug 6, 2006
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    Just got back from Alaska and have to say it was just about the most amazing fishing experience of my life.

    The trip started with rough beginnings however. We got into Anchorage late on the 20th because our flight had been cancelled. When we got in, we found out that our bag containing our waders, reels, and flies had not came inbawling: . After waiting about an hour it came in on a flight from San Francisco (no clue as to how). But soon after our guide (Tom) was taking us on the 2 hour drive to Cooper's Landing.

    Our first day was awesome. We caught the first rays of sunshine the Kenai had seen in monthes according to our guide. The fishing was awesome. By the end of the day I caught probaly over 20 bows and dollies all being in the 16 to 24 inch range. (We found we came at to the Kenai at a bad to for Salmon being that the Sockeye run had ended and the Silvers hadnt showed up yet).

    The next day we fished the Upper Kenai but from a different stretch with a different guide. Today we were fishing with Scott. Scott had the WORST day a guide could possibly have. It started out when his ball came off the trailer, and the trailer slammed into the back of his car leaving on nice sized little dent. Then when we did get on the river he hopped out on a shallow bank and said "guys I just broke my ankle". We insisted to hurry to the nearest launch and get help but he would have none of it, so we floated the stretch about 1/4 of the way fishing (in which my dad actually caught a nice 26" bow) . So we floated REAL fast down the stretch to the launch and met up with Tom who would guide us for the rest of the day. Scott actually drove himself 50 miles to the nearest hospital. Scott showed commitment at the highest level, what a great guide. We fished some more but the winds got so high we couldnt cast and we had to call it a day.

    That night I had a heartbreaking experience, the Silvers had just barely been trickeling into the River, but we decided we give our shot at getting some. We went out with the two other people on our boat, a guide from the Keys and his father in law. After casting with no results for about an hour I hooked into a silver, it took me into my backing in about 10 seconds and then leaped and the line went slack. Well at least I was in better condition than Scott.

    The next day we started fishing Quartz Creek with a guide named Chad, we found a nice hole and caught probaly 12 dollies in under an hour. After that, the day kind of tapered off and we tried the Russian, with limited success.

    Last day we went back out onto Kenai. After about an hour I hooked into the biggest fish of the trip, a 26" 5-6lb dolly. We floated the rest of the stretch hooking into several more dollies, some big ones. In about the last five minutes of the trip our guide predicted a triple hookup. Instantly the guide from the keys hooked into one and then I did, but when it came to the surface I realized that it was about a 40 pound king Salmon. I was using a five weight so at the moment I saw that giant fish come up, I snapped him off fearing for the Safety of my precious sage.

    Overall an amazing trip. We had great guide, good food, and enough memories to last a lifetime. I just pray that Ill be able to come back again.:thumb:
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    Sounds like a great trip. Nice fish.