Upper Yakima Float

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    Dec 6, 2003
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    Drifted the Yakima from the Teanaway confluence down to Thorp today. Sunny and little wind. No fish until lunchtime. Steady but not red hot action during the afternoon and evening. There were some October Caddis, some baetis mayflies and some small caddis on the water. The baetis came off from 12-4. The caddis came in the late afternoon adn evening. We caught fish on a #8 Orange Stimulator, #18 blue winged olives, #14 bead head hares ear and a #14 adams parachute. The fish ran from 8-16 inches. The biggest fish were cutthroats. Is anyone else catching cutts on the Yakima this year? We saw 10 bank anglers and three boats.