Upper Yakima Hazards

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Whitey, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Hi everyone!

    I have done search and rescue the last 2 days, On thursday is was a minor incident, Yesterday(friday) was a major incident. There is currently a capsized boat below hansen ponds where the river braids. No injuries but it always scares me. The take-out at East Cle Elum is no picnic either. It seems especially hard this year, and as the flows go up so does the degree of difficulty.

    Be careful, seriously. No likes to admit that these things happen. IT HAPPENS WAY MORE THEN YOU THINK.

    The upper Yakima river is not the Canyon. Things are always changing, beavers are constantly dropping trees, banks get soft in high water, trees fall, etc. Just because you floated it last month, doesn't mean its the same.

    Sorry to rant. Be safe.

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    Thanks for the warning
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    Rants like these are WFF approved. We all get complacent whether it be driving the car or water craft...never hurts to have someone close to the pick up the mess remind us to be careful.

    We just got back from MT today and in two different towns (believe it was Hardin and Red Lodge) they have a car on a trailer that is nearly unrecognizable with a picture of the person (young kids in these cases) who were killed in the vehicle while texting (as if drunk driving weren't enough). Some may consider this over the top, but its what I very much like about MT... they get to the point and it is effective at getting ones attention.
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    They ought to outlaw cell phones in cars.

    When I get a call on mine, I pull over to the side of the road. And I'm way to dumb to know how to text.
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    I happen to be on a guided trip with RED's on Friday afternoon when we came across the 3 guys that got there drift boat pinned and flipped o a log jam where the river Y's a little bit above Ringer. We gave 2 of them a ride down to Ringer and a third boat on the river gave the other guy a tip back to Ringer. They were trapped on an island in the middle of the river. The 3 guys were all OK, just wet and bummed at losing their boat and all their gear. They were very thankful for the ride off the island back to their car. The river was super high and a challenging row/drift. I will say that our two RED's guides were first class, they had perfect knowledge of the river and were great on the oars.....and we caught lots of fish.
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