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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Flyjunkie, Jan 15, 2011.

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    I've been tying a great deal the past 3 weeks, after a Hiatus of about 1 year.. Soo I decided to get back into the Groove with Steelhead patterns, as I needed to restock some patterns and Steelhead flies are just fun tying....

    One Pattern I use in Northern California rivers for the Summer & fall runs is the HERNIATOR.. sorta of a Flashy Soft hackle pattern originated for the Klamath River... It is an effective pattern to fish on the swing, the Guinea Hackle undulates very seductively and the Flash of the Body and wing combine to really get a Steelhead's attention.

    Well as I was Tying up a 1/2 dozen of them in #4.. I started to focus on the Structure of the Pattern, wondering if I could use it, but change the Color scheme and come up with Something That Steelhead would approve of..
    Looking at some of the Materials at hand I visualized this Colorful variation on the basic Herniator theme...:

    Pink & Purple Herniator

    The dressing is as Follows..:

    Hook : Partridge "Bartlett Traditional Salmon Fly", #CS 10/1, sizes #1/0 ~ #4

    Thread : Ultra Thread "Flo. Pink", size 140 or 70, depending on hook size.

    Body : Purple AXXEL (produced by Uni products)

    Thorax :Hot Pink Wapsi Super Bright Dubbing

    Wing : Purple Axxel, I use 4 sections of this flat woven tinsel on a size #1/0 hook (but for smaller hook size, use 3 or even two sections instead), tye them in so their length ends up just short of the inside bend of the Hook. After tying in the sections, carefully unravel them with your dubbing needle.. to free the individual fibers and strands.

    Hackle : Hot Pink Guinea Flank, 3 to 4 wraps, tyed as a Collar.

    Haven't been able to fish this yet But I am confident it will Produce.:thumb:

    Thought Folks here abouts would find the "P&P Herniator" of interest....

    DEAN ~~~~:cool::cool:
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    That looks damn hot and I'm not a steelhead!
    Great summer pattern I'd say.

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