Vashon Island flyfishing opps??

Hello everyone... I recently moved out to Vashon Island and have been trying to get into some fishing with little... ummmmm no success. I was wondering is there any opportunities for beach fishing, or with a small pram off of Vashon Island? Any help would be much appreciated!!!!




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The west side of Vashon Island has been known for its sea-run cutthroat fishing since time immemorial. Some may be from the small creeks on the island, but I suspect that many are from Olalla Creek on the other side of Colvos Passage.
Vashon is an excellant place to fly fish. My favorite Sea-run beach is located on the island which (Knock on wood) I have yet to be shut out when fishing it. If you have a pram the opportunities are endless.
Thanks Gizler... this brings up another question... open for debate: My wife has a pontoon boat as well. Aside from using common sense, is there any inherant risk of using a pontoon boat in the salt? Just wondering, but it would be nice if we could both get out there and enjoy the day.

Personally I don't have any experience with pontoon boats. I suppose it would be possible as I have seen guys fishing the Yakima in them. If they can handle the currents in the river I suppose they could be used in the Sound as long as the weather isn't to inclimate and as you said "use common sense".
I moved to the island about 2 years ago from the Netherlands, and started fly fishing again this year. Been mostly to the SF Snoqualmie I wanted to start trying for sea-run cutthroats. (Also to save on ferry fees ;-) while getting some easy after-work fishing - I work from home).

Are there any particular Vashon beaches that are easiest/good to fish from for SRC and what are suggested fly patterns/sizes.

Thanks for any info.

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Well I don't know of any beaches.. I've tried a couple of times out of Tramp harbor, but maybe I'm fishing the wrong parts... If you ever want to hook up after work and give it a go, send me an email.

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