SBS video - Ally Finn


Ally Finn
Hook: Tiemco 777SP #10
Working thread: Gudebrod 8/0, white
Head: Sparton 6/0, black
Yolk sac: Wapsi Crawdub, softshell - fibers aligned and tied in as a loop
Body: Oil Creek Outfitters Crystal Braid, peach
Underwing: Llama Mix, grey - very sparse
Wing: Bronze mallard barbs - very sparse
Head: Sparton 6/0, black

Video here - please view in HD, if able:

Hans W
I can hardly wait. Seriously though, Hans, I am eternally grateful for you videos as I have begun to spend more time at the bench now that I am retired. I can't make it to the size 22 wolly bugger but I keep trying.:)


I've used llama for awhile. One of my buddies was a llama trainer so I had a natural supply.

At least Hans hasn't used Eye of Newt... yet.:)

(I can't tie a size 16 WB)