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    Dustin is behind the vise tying one of his all-time favorite streamers; a variation of Coffey's Sparkle Minnow. It has been one of the most productive streamers in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere you like throwing big, flashy baitfish. This pattern has also proven its effectiveness on stillwaters. We've carried these flies in the shop before and they are absolutely deadly. This fly typically works on grey days, but it gets a lot of attention on sunny days as well. Either way, you should definitely include this pattern in your streamer arsenal.

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    • TMC #300 Streamer Hook - Size 2
    • 1/4" Real Eyes in Nickle/Pearl
    • White & Gray Maribou
    • Tan UV Crystal Flash
    • Silver Ice Dub
    • Dubbing Brush Tool
    • .025 Lead Wire

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