I have a friend that is raving about Vision lines. Does anyone have an opinion about them in comparison to the other popular lines? Does anyone know the characteristics of the Vision lines, and in which situations they would be most effective?

I must strongly agree with your friend on this one. I've been fishing the full-floating Vision shooting heads for over a year now and no line I've cast before or since produces tighter loops or shoots farther. They seem have a longer and more refined back taper than the standard short-belly lines, and when they're balanced with the proper leader, they'll turn over just about any fly. I'm learning to cast them underhanded on a faster rod with a shorter stroke and higher stops. When things are going "right", they're effortless and have improved my casting about 100%. I've gotten all mine and lots of helpful advice at Deschutes Anglers in Maupin.

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Thanks for the comments. So they are shooting heads. Do you spey cast them? How does the line mend? Have you fish Rio Skagit lines?

Along with the Ace shooting heads , Vision also makes a full length line called the Spey Ace . It`s a mid belly taper at about 70ft . Total length of the line is about 150 ft . They come as full float , floating with intermediate tip , and floating with type 3 tip . I haven`t used them , but I do have one of their shooting heads . I haven`t used it much , but so far , I like it . Time will tell if I like it as much as the Guidelines heads . Apparently , Cortland manufactures the lines for Vision .



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iagree The Vision A C E 'Scandi Heads' are the cat's meow' to cast with; especially on a lighter rod. 'Trick' is to get the total grain weight (head and sink tip/poly leader) in the middle/ upper end of the "grain weight window" of your rod. From that point on, your only problem is the other bank of the river is too close!

Another place that stocks the full range of 'heads' is Anderson Custom Rods in Gold Hill, Oregon. Don't know what rod/rod weight you're using, but Gary is a fountain of info on properly matching these 'heads' to a given rod.:beer2:

I will give them a call about matching my rods with the proper lines. I have an 11' 7wt GLX, and an 11' 6wt. Sage double hander. Both rods are for lighters summer fishing. The GLX will handle a head quite well I am hoping. Thanks again for all your input!



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The Vision ACE is 10.6 meters (35'ish) in length and the lightest I know of is 450 grains. For either of your rods this may be either too long (either) or too heavy (the 6wt).:rofl: Scandi heads (generally) will be (with leader or sink tip) 4 to 4.5 of your rod length.