Pattern Viz-A-Dun?

The most recent Fly Fisherman has an article by John Barr. On page 56, he states the Viz-A-Dun is his favorite mayfly dun pattern. Anyone have a close up or recipe for this pattern?

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
To me it just looks like a thorax style dun tied with a white set of wings... and as he mentions, with the bottom hackle clipped. I dont understand what he means by gling the hackle stem into the dubbing... Good luck - T
Thanks for your reply. I understand the thorax style but the wing is what I'm trying to figure out. Is it just hi vis and if so how is it tied. The pic in the article is poor but it looks like hi vis is tied like a comparadun style wing.


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The instruction on charliesflybox are by far the best that I was able to find. However does anyone have any idea where I could find vinyl cement for this pattern or another material that would work.


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Any flexible cement such as Dave's Flexament, BT's Aquaflex, etc. works just as well. All you really need is a cement that stays flexible.
I don't recall meeting you at the Morning Hatch. I'm in there once in a while. I was recently there for some web wing. Now that Streamside Anglers is closed, MH is the only option other than Sportco.
Yeah, I heard Streamside Anglers was closing. I didn't know if it'd happened yet. I've never been in Sportco but suppose I'll check it out soon.
Somebody at the MH was asking about Viz-a-Duns and I said I thought I'd seen one on FAOL. Turns out it was another site, but oh well. -Thought that mighta' been you.