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    Well, I fished both days this weekend. Saturday morning, I fished the outgoing with a buddy at Alki. First time fishing there, and the decision was based on targeting the million + Duwamish/Green River humpies. It was strange looking out at the city skyline and the trolling pattern of at least 200 boats on Elliot Bay while flinging a fly, but anything's worth a try. Anyway, I caught one shaker blackmouth in the first 10 minutes, then about an hour later LDR'd a 3-4 lb salmon, I'm assuming it was a humpy. It felt pretty good to be fighting a fish on a fly rod from the beach while all the guys out in the bay with their downriggers were coming up pretty much empty handed. That was all the action at Alki, so we headed over to Lincoln Park. Got there just after low slack, and we were told that "you guys just missed it, at low tide everyone on the beach hooked up". We fished there a couple hours with no action, but it sounded like a fair amount of fish had been caught that morning.

    Today I hit L.P. solo and early. I was on the beach around 5:30, and there were already at least 6 or eight guys firing B-bombs. Fished until about 7:30. Noone on the beach caught a thing, and there wasn't much sign of fish around. I met another fly fisherman named Mark down there who was a real nice guy. Sounded like he's been putting in his time and doing quite well. I actually watched him land a nice silver last week at Lincoln Park, and it sure looked fun.

    So, one decent fish lost was my total for the weekend, but I had it hooked long enough that all I want now is revenge. Can't wait to get back down to the beach!

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