W side E side cast and blast


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A few good days in the OP on the W side then for some birds on the E side. Neighbor shot a decent buck and helped butcher it.

Made some tasty summer sausage and brats. Smoked up some salmon today. Fall is my favorite time of the year.:thumb:


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Nice photos Tom, thanks for taking us along. How are the quail numbers this year? Grouse seem to have vanished from the Okanogan.


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I only hunted a few hours but managed to get into 2 coveys of quail . Each covey I would guess 12-15 birds. I only took 2 birds from each covery. TRy and not take too many birds. Numbers seems normal but birds are younger this year. From late hatch I would guess. Jumped more huns this year it seems.

Jim Ficklin

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You work-at & live a dream, Tom . . . nicely done. I'll take the pup out next weekend for Quail now that he's recovered from becoming a surgically-altered male & Salmon season on the Yak has ended. Thanks for the photos and story.


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Did you get into any searun cutts while you were out on the OP?
I picked up a few but nothing over 14 inches. A few October caddis were coming off the river. I was mostly concentrating on picking up a limit of salmon.

This guy took a dirt nap in the quail area

Rick Todd

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Very nice Tom! I too noticed that while there were some nice sized coveys of quail, the birds were on the small side. I also got into lots more huns and pheasants on the opening up by Brewster. BTW-on the pheasant opener in Montana, on the first day of the season my dog got into a porcupine and got about 40 quills in the face, tongue and other parts of the mouth. One of my hunting partners fortunately had a leatherman with cutters. I didn't know this, but by cutting the quills, the air is let out and the barb retracts making it easy to pull out. That really saved us. My young little setter allowed us to pull out all the quills with hardly a whimper. As soon as we let her up she was off hunting as if nothing had happened. Second day of the season she got into a skunk!! That night the two of us had a shower with tomato juice and club soda. What a rodeo that was! She did smell better, but was banished from the motel room for a couple nights. The good thing was that the skunking didn't affect her ability to smell birds! I shot 9 pheasants all over her points! Rick