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Chad Lewis

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I'm thinking if there's any one group that'll know about straight razors, it'd be a bunch of ecclectic fly anglers. Any of you fellas (I'm assuming the gals don't have much interest in a straight razor) know where to buy a straight razor for shaving? I'd think there's someplace in Seattle that sells them. Any favorites?
Go to an antique shop (or Ebay) and buy a cool looking old one. They can all be sharpened to work well. Then go to a barbershop and learn how to sharpen properly.

Old Man

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I believe that shaving with one of these has gone out of style. My Dad used to shave with one before all the double edge ones came out. He also had a Razor strap. I used to watch him when I was small.

In my age, when I was a kid I used to get it with the strap when I did something wrong. Now a days you can't even think of spanking a child with one of these things. But it made me walk the straight and narrow.

I believe that you could pick one up at Freddy's or any other big chain store.

Alex MacDonald

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there's plenty online, Atlanta Cutlery carries new ones, just don't go for the stainless, and definitely get a strop. If you reeeeeely want a sharp one, Japanese woodworking shops carry stones up to 18,000 grit... Yes, I wrote: eighteen thousand grit! HA!!! SAMUARI STRAIGHT RAZOR...HI---YAH!!!

Rick Todd

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Once you get the razor-let us know how often you cut yourself! There is a shop in one of the casinos in Vegas called the Art of the Shave. I got the works there once. Hot towels over your face, facial massage, straight edge razor shave (did I mention by a rather good looking barber!) and when I was done, my face felt like my 6 month old grandson's butt! A very nice experience! Rick
I used to grow a beard every fall, then in the spring I would go to the barber shop and have them shave it. I loved it, hot towels, the full treatment. Then the aids scare happened and they all quit doing it. Now some shops are doing strait razor shaves again, with the advent of diposable blades. I was skeptical at first, but gave it a try and was pleasantly surprized. V's barber shop in B'am has some fine young ladies who give shaves for around $ 20.00, if you've never had a good shave you should give it a try.

Chad Lewis

NEVER wonder what to do with your free time
Rick, I did the same thing in Philadelphia a couple years ago. Closest shave I've ever had. And I don't intend on cutting myself......

Old Man, I too have fond memories of a razor strop that was used to make bad kids act better. I used that strop to hone many knives to a razor sharp edge when I was a kid. It hasn't been seen in years and is probably gone forever. Ironically, I'd love to have that strop now so I wouldn't have to buy one.

Sloan, thanks for the links. I took a look at several and the shaving instructions will probably be important :D

Chad Lewis

NEVER wonder what to do with your free time
Chris, I looked at the disposable blade razors. I just didn't dig 'em too much. One of the bonuses of having a straight razor is that you never buy another blade or cartridge again. More money up front for a razor and strop, but cartridges are so expensive it won't take long to make up the difference.


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I may be mistaken, but I think these now require a user permit in WA? In any case, I can't imagine why anyone would want one...once you go 3-track, you'll never go back ;)
Well, I guess I am one of the few who shaves with a straight edge. Chad, I get all my supplies at All About the Shave located in Bellevue Square main floor.