Wanted, 8.5ft, 6wt

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I'm looking for a good quality, new or rarely used 8.5 ft, 6wt rod, hopefully a 2pc. Some good rod makers used to make this odd ball rod.
barely any companies still make this rod, although it is dave whitlocks favorite rod. Nobody bought it i guess, i am looking for an 8'6" 6 or 7 weight, all i have found are ll bean rods, which i have no experience with. You might want to check it out though, they are farely inexpensive as well. If anybody has any info on them could please post it, thanks alot. :thumb:


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Silver Bow has a classified ad that contains a brand new Winston WT 8'6" 6wt 3 piece retail $595.00 now $415.00 . Hope this helps :confused:


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Cabelas has a Fenwick HMG model 866 Rod, 6 wt, 2 pc rod on sale now. Fenwick makes a nice rod. You might want to check this 8 1/2 foot rod out.
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