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    So I did the annual trips to Washington in 2012 and 2013 and also Oregon 2013. I did not post last year, so I will combine the two here.

    As usual in Washington, I fished the forks and tributaries of the S for rainbows, dollies, steelhead, etc. In October 2012, the water was very low at the beginning of the trip following the summer drought. And this made for some very good fishing in certain tributaries that usually carry too much water or glacial flour to fish well. In particular, the forks and tributaries of the S were fishing very well before the first floods came in. I caught searun cutts, rainbows, bull trout and steelhead.

    In 2012, the Wenatchee and Methow opened in October. And I went to the Wenatchee on opening day, stayed over night in Wenatchee, and fished the Methow the next morning. I caught native steelhead in both rivers. I was very pleased with these results, because I had never fished either of these rivers before. For some reason, I only caught native steelhead, even though I would have liked to retain some hatchery fish.

    With my brother, we took a combined mountain bike / bushwhacking trip into a somewhat remote tributary of the upper S system. Here we found abundant bull trout, dolly varden and large rainbows. We prospected with spinners and slayed them later with egg patterns or muddlers.

    In October 2013, I fished the S tributaries as usual. It took a week for the tributaries to become fishable after the typhoon tail-outs had pounded us so fiercely. I did not land any steelhead in the S tributaries this year. But I did hook one of them on a dry fly. I landed some exceptional rainbows and whitefish this year on flies. I am talking about rainbows over 20 inches here. The rainbows and whitefish were totally gorged with flesh and eggs because the pink run had spawned out. I fished egg flies trailing a heavily weighted stonefly.

    I guided my brother using conventional gear into a walk-in native buck coho in a beautiful, remote setting. It was a 3 mile walk-in, and he caught it on a spinner wearing jeans and tennis shoes.

    With my brother, we also floated a river in Oregon. It was mid October 2013. We hooked and landed numerous searun cutts, kings, and even a summer run.

    I am already planning the next trip.

    Sincerely, Chris.

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