Washington Beach Fishing Help Needed

Hand lettered on the chalk board at my local sandwich shop "Black Wednesday", but I digress....

Need some help from our fish brothers on the coast. Every year for the last 15 yrs my boys and my wife and her family and my mom and the dog have gone out to the Sandpiper south of Pacific Beach and Moclips for Thanksgiving, Wed thru Sunday. I have never taken any fishing gear with me; the time was reserved for long walks on the beach, reading, socializing, and just plain decompressing. Now that my mom has past away and my 2 boys are both off across the country in college, I have a little more time to myself and I was thinking of taking the salt water gear with me, 8 & 9wt etc. In 15 years I once saw a guy fish, and catch, with gear, surf perch off the beach so I know that is a possibility, though the surf can be way too rough to even think about getting near it some days. I have been intrigued by the Copalis River. Just before it breaks the beach into the ocean it travels parallel to the ocean for 1/4 mile, seperated from the ocean only by a sand dune. This slack water that is tidal influenced seems like it would be a good searun area. Same conditions exists in other rivers along the coast as the run into the ocean.

So my questiion to you flyfishin' far OP'ers, worth taking the gear with me? The ocean in Nov is an iffy proposition. 4 years out of 5 it can be downright nasty for 4 days straight, 30 knot winds, power outages, sideways rain, etc. But that 5th year, oh boy, long walks on the beach in a warm sun, calm, KILLER sunsets. If I get a good one, and I am prepared, what should try?


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Always bring your gear!

Don't know about that stretch, as I've never fished it. Wondered the same thing, though. I've viewed aerial photos of it on the Dept of Ecology website.

Might be worth a try. Bring yor trout rod, either a 5 or 6wt for SRC upstream. I've heard rumors of Bull Trout in there, also.

For the beach zone, Sandshrimp immitations. Orange Reverse Spiders upstream. Maybe egg patterns upstream. I've been liking a #8 black and purple ESL lately, as both Chum and SRC will hit it.

One thing I have noticed out here is that the SRC seem to prefer some good cover, either trees overhanging the bank or downed trees, logs, logjams, cutbanks w/rootwads protruding, etc, once they get into the skinny water. I don't find nearly as many SRC holding in those lower stretches that have bare banks, although I have been surprised. If that is just a straight shot with no cover in it, I would try further upstream. See if you can find access near the head of tidewater.
I've read that the SRC like to get into the rivers that empty directly into the ocean on the coast before the big Winter surf starts pounding hard.

My plug nickle, for what its worth. Good luck! I'll be in Sequim for Thanksgiving, and plan to fish somewhere around there, unless there is a raging storm or too much rain. Might be home in Grayland by the weekend, though.




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I'd leave the equipment home if your intent is to fish the surf. The surf in November can be huge and dangerous. Riptides are always present. When I was out fish several OP river a few weekends ago, we stopped off at the beach. The surf was huge. Better safe then sorry.

Now if your intent was to do some river fishing, I would bring the gear for sure. You will be within striking distance of some great river and stream fishing. Look at a map and you will see lots of possiblities for late king, coho and chum fishing as well as early winter run steelies.

Have a good time.