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    Washington Fly Fishing Club is hosting its annual Fly Casting Classes at Greenlake in Seattle. Two classes are being offered: Beginning Casting Class and Advanced Casting Class. Both require pre-registration by calling Bob Birkner at (206)542-4623. Additional information is available at www.wffc.com

    Beginning Fly Casting is for beginning and Intermediate casters. Instruction starts with a good basic casting stroke and goes through double hauling. Class Meets Thursday Nights from 6:30 to about 8:30 Starting April 2 and runs for six weeks. Cost is $40 per person

    Advanced Casting Class is for casters with tight loops front and back and the ability to double haul. Starts with af focuses on advanced casts. Meets Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 starting April 8 and runs for 4 weeks. Cost is $50 per person.

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