"Washington River Maps & Fishing Guide" where to buy?

Kent Lufkin

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I was in Kaufman's in Bellevue the other day and Sparky had a pile of 'em. Good looking maps, but at $30 or so a copy, my wallet developed a case of spontaneous constipation :rolleyes:

Our copies of Washington River Maps & Fishing Guide arrived the other day, but if you are looking for a location closer to Tacoma or GH - try giving Anil and Clark a call at Puget Sound Fly Co, bet they have 'em in stock.

Another new Washington book that just came out is called Washington's Best Fishing Waters. Published by Wilderness Adventures Books. Its a pretty sweet new map book too.


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I'm with Kent on this one--the mapbook is great for someone new to this area. But at $25 a shot, I find that it is pricey and not providing much detail than a DeLorme's or its competitor (which I really like but the title escapes me). For those who already have the Greg Thomas book, both mapbooks provide an incremental amount of detail which may or may not be worth the $25.

Anybody remember the StreamTime maps for CA and OR? Those were very pricey (at about $5/map for a single river, probably why the publisher stopped printing them) in comparison but also about 5X more useful in detail and info.


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I'm with Kent and Chris on this one. I took a look at the book and was a disappointed with the detail of the maps and thought it was overpriced.

I have a Gazetter, and detailed trail maps of some specific areas, and find that more then sufficent in most cases. I have other books, like Thomas's "Flyfishing Washington" as well. I may pick up his new book when it comes out, but not 100% sure on that.

I think I took a quick look at that book Kristen mentioned earlier this week. It looked pretty good, but I'll have to take a closer look when I get up there again.


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Yeah, the price scared the hell out of me too. But then I realized that I have most of what is in that book was in my head. On the local river that is. Or the old Henning's book. All much cheaper. Plus what I carry around in my head is more than is in that book.


you can spend about 5 minutes finding it online...
found it at amazon for $22.10 new...

There are numerous other sites that sell books as well...

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Thanks for all the help fellas. Yeah, the price scared me too. I'll see if Sportco will give me one for 15.00. If not, I'll say adios to them and watch Sportsmans Warehouse crush them out of business...

PS, if Sportco leaves, where else am I going to find Seagars Grand Max tippet for 9.00 a spool!!!???bawling:

I better start stocking up now...