Washington we have a problem ( wolf attack )

This is the second report I have heard about in about the same area of Idaho. Headquarters is north of the Clearwater river. Just a side note, I have seen 2 lone wolves in western Montana in the last 2 years.


It's all good.
I8abug - you're right, no one on this thread yet. Sorry, I was reacting to comments accompanying the indicated article on other sites, and to visions of the previous Teanaway wolf thread. Guess I managed to let the oxymoron of "managed wildlife" and the thread title annoy me...


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It wasn't my intent to debate that sort of thing. I was only commenting on the vocabulary aspect.

If it was your intent to debate that issue, you should have gotten more to the point straight away rather than beating around the bush with it.
But Derek has a point - "a few feet away" in the head with a .44 mag. Looks pretty tidy in the pic.
Double haul should learn to read before you post it is clear the shoot was in ID but the comment was to use care here cause we got the the same critters now and they are misbehaving


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I don't believe it. This smells of fabrication. I'll change my mind only if a reputable and truly neutral third party (press report, WDFW, etc.) corroborates the story.


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But Derek has a point - "a few feet away" in the head with a .44 mag. Looks pretty tidy in the pic.
That may be true. However, I'm not enough of a ballistics expert or handgun hunter to know. Thus, I wouldn't have commented at all if that was what Derek had brought up in the first place. Instead, his post had an issue with the words "charged" and "attacked", which is what my response was about. If a wolf charged at me at close range, I would consider the wolf to be attacking me. That's all I said. I made no statement about the truthfulness of the whole story.

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I wish people here would use the spell checker. Some of these words are kind of hard to decipher.

On the other hand, most Wolfs don't usually attack humans unless there is something wrong with the animal. That one doesn't look like there was to many things wrong with it.