WDFW nabs fish poachers

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kelly Michelsen, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Loss of all equipment including trucks, boats and fishing gear. Auction off said gear with the proceeds going to restocking programs.
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    My client, your Honor, is a first time offender, he has never been in trouble with the law before. He was told there was no limit on this lake by a friend, and as an immigrant from Easterm Europe, he was simply attempting to provide food for his struggling family in this hard economy, this has been a tough and unfortintae adjustement for my client who had no intentions at all of breaking the law.
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    Losing landlocked hatchery fish is one thing, losing native fish in a stream is a whole bigger crime.
    Patrol the streams alot more and more good will be done. Streams equal spawning natives.
    String up *anyone* breaking any game law is good, IMHO.
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    Nice work by WDFW nabbing those perps. Coincidentally, I just was told by a confidential source that there is some cutthroat poaching going on in a local creek I sometimes fish.
    The regulations are C&R there for any trout except a hatchery steelhead. Sturgeon can still be retained there this year, and it opens for Coho in the Fall.

    This idiot is bragging that he is catching a lot of "bluebacks" and keeping them. Apparently, he thinks it actually takes any skill to fool a cutthroat with a worm drifted under a bobber. Sorry, but that ain't a braggable feat.
    My informant tells me that this low-life poacher claims that "bluebacks aren't really trout, even though they look like trout, and are kinda like trout, but seeing's how they aren't really trout, its not really a violation of the rules and so its OK to keep 'em." :confused::eek::eek::eek: WTF??? TOTALLY WRONG!!! The kind of excuse a really weak mind might dream up.

    I cannot believe that anyone would be so incredibly ignorant and stupid as to think that they could get away with making such a lame claim. Except that this isn't the first time that I've heard that! Some of these local poachers have been trying to use that phony line of weak reasoning whenever someone mentions to them that cutthroat should be released in the designated C&R waters. Bald-faced lying scum, they are.

    I'm going to start fishing there more, and see if I can I.D. this perp.:mad: Unfortunately, the friend who told me about this idiot and his poaching doesn't want to step forward and ID the guy out of fear of reprisal and/or fear of creating bad will for his local business. He cautioned me, "You didn't hear this from me."
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    If I'm ever put on trial , I sure hope Ira is on the jury!!!!
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    You must of missed that part about me being a critical thinker, I can read through prosecuting and defending BS, because I know that I'd make a great lawyer either way (Mam, I could help noticing your wearing white gloves, I'd like to interest you in this ketchup popsicle). You wouldn't stand a chance with me on the jury ;)
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    Your story played out in say a Nikopol, Ukraine courtroom

    .... my US client had no intentions at all of breaking the law.

    Сумна історія, спасибо за поділ, відвести його baliff.... і що дратує адвокат Іра занадто