WDFW Steelhead Plan Heads Up!

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Bob Triggs, Aug 25, 2007.

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    Some how this is the one announcement from wdfw that did not make it into my mailbox as all of the others do. :confused:

    See the Wild Steelhead Coalition webpages for some guidence on comments.


    also see www.fedflyfishers.org Go to Conservation and Click on Osprey. A recent article there by Dick Burge of The Wild Steelhead Coalition outlines some concerns over the plan, and some suggestions.

    Believe it or not your testimony could have a tremendous impact as, generally speaking, turn-out has been pitifully low for the public meetings on the WDFW's DEIS for their Wild Steelhead Management Plan. Truly- your comments now could make a positive change for Wild Steelhead in Washington.

    Note that a fax to the indicated phone number or real paper letter- "to the the SEPA/NEPA Coordinator" is required. No emails.