Weather contrast on the beach

I had to drive up to Seattle last week and, on the way, had a few hours to hit the sound this past Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Maybe my only shots of the year. I got to the beach Tues PM and it was flat out 100 % tropical storming all over me. Extraordinary rain. I stayed in the car and got ready, hoping it would mellow out. By the time I got out of the car it was OK, just a hard Northwest rain. Headed to the water, big waves, tough fishing, but I was here and wouldn’t be back for a while. I fished until dark, surviving several bouts of the heaviest rain I’ve ever fished in, and was rewarded with seal staredowns and bald eagle sightings. I hooked one searun clean and lost it, and then I had a strong hookup followed immediately by some serious reel singing- felt like a nice fish. But when I got it in, I found that I had hooked him on the underside of the tail- Straight vertical into the bottom fin ray. Never seen that before. Pretty fish though.

I went back the next morning- dead calm, no rain, wispy fog covering a crescent moon. Pretty much the opposite of the night before. Unfortunately the fishing wasn’t any better- I didn’t get a bump. But overall, a great night and morning of hiking a beach, I saw a couple fish at least, and hopefully I’ll get back up and over there sometime soon.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Yup, that's life on our beaches! ;)
I spent a good portion of Thursday on a couple of west Hood Canal beaches and experienced a bit of calm, a bit of wind, a little sun and some rain. No evidence of SRC or fry of any sort. But overall it was an awesome day on some pretty lonesome beaches so I went home a not unhappy fisherman!!