Weather was a little crazy today...

Got on a beach this morning at the crack o'dawn, saw a little action on top so I threw a popper...shakers all morning. Saw a few larger res Coho a little further out, leaping and splashing. They were just out of my casting reach. :(. I decide to switch up my reels to go sub surface and see if I can entice a lunker. Got a solid stop/tug/shake and got excited, kept stripping to set it, no hook-up, strip some more and now a little faster here comes a nice wake, I'm stripping fast now aaaand denied! Fish took a left on bait street :/ while I kept rolling down shaker lane.

Took a break and made sure I was still in the safe zone (wading position wise). The water was steady rising and enclosing behind me. I looked up to the sky and saw some crazy Anvil Clouds. As time went by they grew larger and larger and looked pretty freaky. So I packed up and went home.

Later that day I hit the water again in a different location, the Seattle view looked dark, no fish for me at this location. But a lady walking by on the beach informed me that a beach fisherman she encountered earlier this morning claimed he beached an 18 pounder. I wonder how much he inflated the fish's weight, but I'm sure it must have been bigger than average for it to be claimed as an 18ner. So maybe I'll hit it tomorrow in the AM.

I packed up because the weather was looking gnarly and the thunder and lightning seem to be getting closer. Last thing I want is to get zapped. Everyone on the beach bailed. I don't mind the overcast but I can do w/o the lightning.

Well, some visible action on the water, shakers and a nice catch by someone. It's about to get started my doods!
And I can't wait to fish the flies from the swap! Yeah boyee!