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    Decided to pencil in every Wednesday morning on my calendar to search for birds on the local release site...for my dog Libby and my own mental health (been working 7 on 0 off for the past three years).

    Needless to say today it rain both water and pheasant! Hit the site at 8:00 walked one side of a field and came down the other. Libby still does not have a real good understanding of what hunting is all about at the age of 10 months, but she is showing some real potential! She stays close, partially minds other hunters (unless they come close), and if field mice were on the menu we'd be stocked! She has had a few birds under her collar, however, never an "unmarked" bird...nor a bird that is running her!

    Got half way down the other side, all the while commandering her to "over hunt"...she'd dart into the brush and come back out and give me the "what now look"...once again "over hunt"! This time was different she didn't return instead she was zig zaging her way through the poplars and 10-15 yards to my left front...just then a hen pops out 20 yards in front of me running for the other side...sees me and takes flight...swing, bang, and dead!

    Libby didn't get to flush her, nor did she see the bird hit since I believe the bird double backed, however I sent her out and she came back with the retrieve! What an awesome sight...I can't wait for next Wednesday!

    Check out my 'girls' smile!

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    That's great...the more you can get her into birds, the better. Release sites are good for one thing, and that's getting young dog's turned onto the game. I don't particularly care for the release sites on this side of the hills, but I've gotten my 1.5 year old out a couple times, when time allows, just to get him into the game. If you can keep her excited about going out with you this fall, and she gets into more birds and starts to put it all together, when next fall comes around you'll really see a different dog. A lot of maturing will happen between now and then.
    Good lookin' pup, too!
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    Congrats to Libby!!

    While I was never a fan of western Washington releases sites I began hunting a local site last year with my 2 year yellow lab (Sauk). The previous year she had done pretty well with the wild birds of eastern Washington. However on the opener last year she was not "marking" the downed birds as well as I would liked.

    Given the lower numbers of wild birds in the areas I hunt I decided to give a nearby release site a try to get in a little addition experience/training. Found that she could consistently find birds and I selected to shoot only those where she had clear views of the bird and where it would fall to facilated the "marking". Her "marking" quickly improved. We moved on to other skills. I have to agree that the release sites do present a chance to work the dog (especially if you can avoid the morning rush on release days) and I'm firm believer that the more birds the better for the dog.

    Found that there is quite a difference in some of the "habitats" at the various release sites and have been hunting several areas for different experiences. Also the sites have been given me a chance to get the old dog (she is nearly 14) for a little bird chasing. While the old girl typcially just tags along for an hour or so she gets excited ever time out and even put a bird up yesterday. A chance to reward her for all the years of hunting and fishing companionship she has given me.

    Looking forward to both the duck and east side upland openings

    Tight lines
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    Now THAT is cool.
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    Great job Andrew. I have also bee taking my black lab pup out to the release sites in Whatcom county. He seems to somewhat be getting the hang of it but hasn't jumped a bird yet. As he is only a little over six months old he has a lot of learning to do.