Wednesday South Puget Sound report

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    I couldn't resist spending my lunch hour at a cool South Sound inlet during Wednesday's long, gradual low tide.

    My tide table said the water level would drop more than 12 feet over eight hours, and I suspected that sea-run cutts and maybe a rezzie coho or two would be lurking in a standing wave that forms when the fast current slides over a rocky, shelly flat and over a dropoff to a creek channel.

    I tide on one of Bob Triggs' Chum Baby flies before I walked down the beach, but I clipped it off before casting. A lot of sand lance -- about 2.5 inches long -- were milling and wiggling around in the soft water between the beach and a current rip. I didn't see one chum fry, but I'm sure I'll see them again quite a few times this spring.

    I tied on one of Les Johnson's Williams Point Sand Lance flies.

    The standing wave jacked up, and the fish -- mostly small and nothing big -- were eager for the fly. I bungled a few fish, but it was a nice lunch hour.

    A falling tide and day-long rain really had the cutts aggressive....