Weekend Report/Hood Canal/Ghost Net

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Nick Andrews, Feb 20, 2006.

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    Saturday, it was cold and we did not catch anything.

    Sunday, when out a little later in the afternoon and when we were able to find a some shoreline without a lot of ice we did manage to land a couple of good sized cutts.

    Monday, even colder, lots of ice on the Canal, but later in the morning all three of us in the boat did mange to land some fish. My buddy Dustin, landed his first fish on a fly rod and not a bad fish to start with.

    On a sad note Josh and I came across a derelict fishing net. We decided that even if we notified anyone they probably would not have done anything any way. So we pulled about 90% of the net, part of it was covered in the sand, probably from the storm. There was a lot of crab caught in the along with a net, an anchor, and a commerical crab pot. Just thought that I would share the pictures from the fishing and the ghost net.

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