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    So got back from my trip...awesome as usual...Sat. was back to my weekly one dayer out..

    Headed north to fish a little spot with wild summer runs with some buds...Hiked into one spot, came down the wrong side to fish the spot effectively...to fast to cross so looked for a way around...pulled myself up the side hill and over on a small trail...was trying to decide which trail to take, slipped and went head first down a small cliff wall...Man, that sucked and while trying to protect my head I kept waiting for that sharp impact...Didn't happen thank God and I ended up at the bottom, cut up some..bruised up more...everything worked still...Looked around and started picking up my gear...thought I must have broken my rod but it was still OK...Thought well better fish it now after all of that...Tried to strip out line and the bougle took a major hit and the rim was crunched on the faceplate...Shhheeeeittttt!!!!

    Have to hike out the other side which was a major bitch..huge moss covered boulders and log jams...sweating and pulling prickers every couple minutes..get high enough where I think I can cross and it's to high...Figure I gotta bush whack to get back to the road, hike up and son of a bitch, there is a road/path up there that goes all the way down...I gimp back to the truck...take the reel a part with much grinding..take some pliers to it and bend out the rim...thing works fine again..Off we go to the next spot...find a note from a brother who had seen us coming in reminding me that he could slash my tires and poop in my sunroof..(if I had one) and what forums were good for..:rofl:

    Hook a trout, hook a steelie...things been pricked before and is not putting up much of a struggle..I'm feeling a little guilty about this and am holding it out instead of reeling it in hard and letting it thrash around, shake the hook....get laughed at but don't mind much..am reminded I'm not up north anymore Ha ha...

    Head to the next spot, working the run get another soft pull, set and hold for a second..not much of a response...swing through again, hook my line though the edge of a boulder, running line snaps...have to wade out and retrieve my line..which luckily was still there....

    My day was done...Got home, took a ration from my wife and nursing student daughter for not taking my walkie talkie or first aid kit with me...reminded I'm not a young guy anymore and could have been busted up a lot worse and no one would have known....Had to think about that for a bit..very true sadly...but lucky not to be this time...just a few cuts and lots of bruises....

    God I hate being back...Miss those kelowna brothers and evening yap/laugh sessions, morning frosty fog,hot coffee and bad radio on the drive out, the splash of your oars in the water and the mountains with the sun rising off them..miss the anticipation each day brings of big wild fish in one of the best places on earth...always so long coming and to fast going...

    paybacks are a bitch I guess...bawling:
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    Boy, does that ring true.

    Steelhead bums coming back from their favorite places - the 'hangover' lasts a damn long time.

    Doesn't matter how old you are, bones can still break and skulls crack. We all need more than a bit of luck to get out in one piece.

    Glad you're OK G'man. :)

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    You should take up fly fishing. It's a quiet gentle sport. Or so I read. In an article I once wrote.

    One thing wives and daughters and other family do-gooders never seem to get, is that once we're out there and dead from whatever injury befalls us, we don't get any deader for not having called home.

    edit after reading D'spey's post: ain't none of us getting out of here alive.

    Here's to ya'!

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    Glad you are not dead or deader after taking your cliff diving header.
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    Couldn't be more true...the hangover was brutal...Thanks brother..

    Salmo...Dead is dead but trying to tell them better to go that way then with a tube up your nose in a hospital down the road got me the big red eyes...so I'll keep that to myself from now on..

    Thanks all...