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Howdy from Bothell. I call the House of Pacific Flyfishers(Mill Creek) my shop, A Scott rod for my stick. I just started to tie flies so I blow at it but oh well. :D

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It's all good.....
Greetings from Clarkston. Great site Chris. It's nice to have a place to get thoughts, ideas and info. from. I am old to the world but young and having fun in the fly fishing world. Hope your lines stay tight til the end of the fight!
KB7PYF said:
Hi David! I too like to fish Agate Pass and really enjoy fishing the canal. I have caught my share of fish from the beach and out of the boat. Geat place to live!

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Hi Charlie,
I grew up at the north end of Lake Washington catching perch etc...did some fishing in the sound and caught cod and dog fish all as a kid...Unfortunately finished growing up and older in California with a few trips to Seattle to see family. We are renting a home on Agate Pass for my 60th birthday in mid June. Can you give me any information as to shore fishing and claming on Agate Pass. My parents lived in the home on the bluff right accross the Agate Passbridge that was the nursery but, sold it before the casino was built...I still love it there.
Is it possible to fly fish with spinning gear...using a clear float that you can put water in to act as a weight to get the fly down if needed...or bait fishing from shore..all for fun so any species would be fun...I caught flounder and perch from the landing/bulkhead where my parents lived in Poulsbo. Also where can I get gear and a licence for a few days we will be there.
I appreciate your advise if you come across this post...
Hi Keith. I cut my flyfishing teeth on the rogue and applegate. graduated Medford Sr. High back in 82. I had some favorite spots. Upper fork of the applegate was a very private and remote place back in the day.
Hello all of you misunderstood brothers and sisters of the fur, hook and hackle. New to the board and would love to sit around the kitchen table, tie bugs and bs fly fishing. I just counted em' up and I have been at this for over 30 years but just recently let it back into my system. Hooked again and in a big way.
Just this year I started tying and I've made some great progress encouragement and commiseration is welcome too (welcome also are 'secret spots' but I know it's a long shot to hope that you would share:)
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Hey Ya'll,

Len, here. Been hopping in here from time to time and thought I would register and do all the things associated with such. Currently grounded in Bellingham, Wa. have been for a very long time. Started Fly Fishing about 2 yrs ago. Fish mostly creeks, rivers and streams. However I did break down and by a float tube this week (the full cargo net in the back for beer was the key selling feature). :) Any way look forward to hanging out here.
Hello to all,
Fairly new to this sport of fly fishing. With work I am luck to travel to WA, OR, ID MT & WY. I figure I should pick up a hobby beside sitting in the hotel bar, so fly fishing it is.. Live in the south end and have fished lakes, and rivers this past year, mainly for trout and the occasional pink salmon. Looking foreward to chatting with you all.:beer2:
Hey guys,
I am an avid fisherman form Colorado. My wife goes to school at the law school in Spokane, so I decided to join board to find some info for trips planed out that way in the near future. I found this site from a guide I hired in Spokane when I was there last. His name was Mark, and i guess he is a moderator on this site. Good guy, and good guid. Got me into a huge brown down at river side park, but broke off after 10 min fight. Interesting note, he had no fishing net with him. WTF?? I like to fish for trout and pike, I hate the taste of fish so I am strictly C&R.

Returning fly fisherman...I took about 20 years off and have recently, last 2 years, come back. Got hooked again by taking annual trip with Dad to Cananda, a ranch called DLR. I have since bought 3 rods, have the kids, well 2 of the 4, on spinning rods....don't freak, I gave up spoons and bait back in the 70's and have put the kids on bobbers with a fly. We live by the Tolt/Snoqualmie and love the fact we can walk 5 min and go fishing. A bit dissapointed in the Tolt but I will figure it out as it all comes back to me. I will get my 12 year old on a fly rod in the yard this winter. I will be posting looking for info on the Tolt and Snoqualmie for the trout and yes the steelhead as it is that time, I think.
Greeting All! It's about time I registered, my Father in Law has been reminding me for about a year now. I'm gearing up for the SH to hit the rivers. :beer2:Also, heading to the Clearwater Idaho Nov 29- Dec 2 with my Father in Law...can't wait!:thumb:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! & Happy Fishing!!!!

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Hey there everyone here @ WFF. I've been fishing off my kayak for a few years and recently started fly fishing. It's been a lot of fun and rarely use my conventional gear now.:hmmm: Having a lot of fun and looking forward to learning more.

I recently joined to see what secrets I could get out of you guys and to get to know others in the "fishing" community. I recently got back into fly fishing when I officially returned to Washington after many years away. Hoping to make friends along the way and maybe even share some fishing stories over a camp fire in the woods or along a river bank.

-Who wouldn't like fishing with a girl?!
I have been a member on this site for a while, not much of a regular
poster just a lurker, lots of great info, i fish for just about everything
fly fishing is my main focus but i still throw gear for bass and walleye
to much fun to give up.