Welcome / Introductions

Greetings Everybody,
I would like to say thanks in advance for any and all help.
I have been reading over the post's for the last couple days and it looks like there is a lot of knowledge on the board.
I'm brand new to Fly Fishing, I just bought my first rod & reel combo and Pontoon Boat. The rod & reel is a Martin Mountain Brook, the Pontoon Boat is a Colorado 9ft tubes.
I look forward to be part of the group.
Thanks Jim
hi all, I'm Dan, I grew up in silicon valley of CAlif, and didn't start fishing much until I moved to Oregon as a freshman in h.s. and remember how excited I was at the thought of moving to OR. I grew up fishing the upper Rogue r. and started fly fishing in my soph year for steelhead. When the college bell rang I didn't know any better and went back home to CA to be with family. Living in CA without a boat for almost 22yrs, my life of fishing had been what seemed in an everlasting dorment! Getting back to OR a few times for the spring chinook runs. Finally getting a boat in 2002, i was able to fish the ocean 2 yrs and moved to AK in May of '04.

I caught my first king on a fly fishing the kasilof in June of '05, not knowing the next day I would hook 20. It was unreal. This year, will be my first at spending much more time fishing for big bows and dollies on the upper kenai. I have thought about moving to WA but will know more later. Good fishin to all you guys in WA. I look forward to learning & thanks for this attractive website
Hi Guys,
Status has changed from lurker to member. Name is Thad Robison aka Thud.
Currently reside in SLC Utah but have lived in Idaho, Oklahoma, Montana and Vancouver BC.
Recently joined the Trout Bums at AEG as Assistant Marketing Director and Director of Shows where we have been touring the TBD Vol I – Patagonia across the country. It has been awesome as we have had sold out shows at nearly every venue we have toured.
I also own an expedition company for fly fishing in Chile near Puerto Montt.
I’ve been a fly chucker for over half my life and have traveled round the globe with fly rod in hand.
This is a great forum and I look forward to getting to know the place.


My name is Devin. I'm a 25 yr old from Marysville. Although I'm new to fly fishing, I've been fishing since I could hold a rod. If anyone has any useful info for beginners I'm all ears.
I love to catch most any kind of fish and whenever I can. My wife Sarah is also wanting to learn the art of fly fishing, so the more I can learn, the more I'll be fishing.

Fish on! :D
Hello, Thank you all for creating, posting, and providing all the information on this site and forum. I am a new member here, not a new fly fisherman,,that I have been doing for 30 plus years. I will try and share info as I can and post when I can as well.


If your not fishing your wasting time!!!!!
Hello i'm new to the site and have been looking for some good local groups to be connected with also looking for some fishing partners to fish with. Hard around here to find people who want to fish so i end up solo most of the time.I tie my own have been for 23 years. Looking forward to the comraderie and the tips anyway just dropping a line . good fishing all
My name is mark ritari. I have been fly fishing for as long as i can remember. My parents have a place in island park, ID. Right in the middle of prime fly fishing territory. we dont go there nearly enough, but when we do i try to make the most of it. Right now im living in TriCities WA, and plan to go transfer to UofMontana in missoula next year. id be lying if i said flyfishing wasnt part of the reason im going there instead of somewhere closer.

Monte Blackburn

Wenatchee Valley Fly Fishers
Hello everyone. My name is Monte, and my wife and I live in Wenatchee. I have fished all of my life, but I have been fly fishing for 10 years now. One of the most heartbreaking things about this area, in my opinion, is looking at the Wenatchee River and knowing it cannot be fished. It is such a beautiful river. I practice my casting on lakes, but my love is fishing rivers. I am a member of Wenatchee Valley Fly Fishers, a club here in Central Washington. At one meeting I met Steve Probasco, the editor –in- chief for Northwest Fly Fishing magazine. He treated us to a slide show on the Yakima River (he wrote a book on the river, a must read) and told me of a guide/ friend named Tim Irish. So if Tim is on this board, we all are in great company. There are so many forces and groups against fishermen and against fishing as a pleasure sport. Most of them have the financial backing to pay for lobbyists in Washington DC, and Olympia. I appeal to everyone to join a fly fishing club or group that has a voice in the Olympia politics. :ray1: I wish everyone tightlines and big fish!

Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
For some reason, I feel obligated to introduce myself, so... My name is Nick, I grew up gear fishing but graduated up to fly fishing about a year ago. I taught myself how to tie flies about a 3 years ago, but was too poor to afford any fly fishing gear (I was only 14). I found my first setup in an old abandoned garage (Yes it was abandoned, I didn't steal it), caught a beautiful little rainbow 15 minutes into my first outing. The fish catching tapered off from there, I haven't caught anything in so long... but, I am now obsessed with this site, flyfishing, fly tying, and fly tying, and have enough money to fish regularly. Thank god.
Hi everyone, my name is James and I live in Leavenworth Washington. I am a fisheries biologist for the Department of fish and wildlife. I graduated from CWU in 2004 in biology and have been working as a biologist for 2 years now. Before CWU I lived in Issaquah and worked at Creekside Angling Company for about 2 years. While in Ellensburg at CWU I worked for the Evening Hatch. I have been fishing since I can remember. I have done all sorts of fly fishing, including Lake, River, Puget Sound, Florida Keys, etc. I have also been tying flies for about 12 years now and have developed some pretty awesome patterns. My first job out of college was for a private contractor through the fish and wildlife. Part of my job was hook and line sampling and pumping the stomachs of trout caught in the Yakima river. I got to analyze the stomach contents of each trout caught, which helped me design some flies of my own that work wonders, and also limit the thousands of "must have patterns" for the Yakima. I try and fish the Yakima at least once a week until June 1st, where I switch to the smaller creeks of the Central cascades. This is my absolute favorite fishing. I am here to learn as well as share my knowledge. Hopefully we will see each other out on the water!

Tight lines!

Hey ya'll I am Rachael. I am originally from NE Washington....Kettle Falls....Country i know!!! I came over to the Seattle area about 7 years ago on a softball scholarship and fell in love with everything Seattle has to offer...well except for the traffic. Anyways, I have fished most my life but just started fly fishing last year. I finally got all my gear and look forward to getting in a lot more fishing this year. Still learning and love it more and more each time i am able to get out on the water.


Down in the Centennial State.
Howdy, I'm Brad. I'm 23 and I've been living in Ellensburg since 1993. I've had the Yakima in my backyard for 10+ years and just now started to learn to fly fish. I'd always wanted to, but my dad grew up spin casting so that's how I grew up and I can still be found sitting back, watching the rod tip with a beer in hand when it's just a lazy summer day. That or I'l chasing the Chinooks with my Ugly Stik at Vantage. I've been fly fishing for a little over a year now and I think I've finally gotten all the gear I need for starters. I will be graduating from CWU this August and hopefully will find a job in this area, otherwise I'll be looking on these boards for the hows and wheres to fish on the West Side or Inland Empire. While I do fish the Yak from time to time, my favorite thing to do is hike into the small creeks or the high-lakes or desert-lakes with my float tube.
Hello everyone, my name is Chase, I am 21 and I have been a member for a while but not had time to post an intro. I am currently stationed at Fort Lewis, and fish every chance I get. I have been flyfishing a couple of years now, but still just getting the hang of it, especially since I grew up in Oklahoma. This site is awesome, you guys were a great help in buying my new rod, and learning where to fish in my new home. I really only fish for trout right now, but I would love to someday venture in the steelhead/salmon realm. You might run into me on the Yak or Snoqualmie, but with deployments I have lived here over a year and those are the only two I have made it to. But when I am away, all I do is long to be out on a river or lake in the summer sun.
So Timbo !! When do we get to see some pictures of the fish from the north country !!! Yes please get back to Eburg I need a place to crash after a hard night of brew !!!!
Name: Jeff
Location: East Wenatchee
Why I am here: Just joined the forum in the last week. Very informative, and I am impressed. About 15 years ago I started fishing heavy while in college. My roomie's and I bought a boat, and would head out to the many lakes around Cheney and Spokane. After we got a little bored of that we thought fly fishing looked cool so we headed to the White Elephant and set ourselves up. We din't have a clue about what we were doing, but we had a blast (the beer might have had something to do with that). We all graduated, and since I was heading to South Carolina I gave one of the fellas all my gear. I though I would certainly see him again. Oop, didn't run into him again for about 10 years, and my gear had gone the way of a yard sale. Always loved fishing, but starting a family, getting a real job (teaching), and bike racing were in the way. So, this past winter I though t it would be a great time to pick fly fishing back up. The kids all had their sports, dance, music, and school things. And my wife had her hobbies, and due to age and other commitments the bikes were gathering dust, what better time to hit the water. For Christmas I received a new rod, and the works. For my birthday a vest, and a few more goodies, and also the registration for a Wenatchee Valley Fly Fishers course through the college. Here I am, ready to go. I'll wait until the end of the course, then hit it hard around the area this summer, can't wait! I am looking for a tube and some waders (cheap, I think I have exceeded my budget) then I should be set.
Thank you in advance for the great tips, I have already learned a great deal!