Well I did it!

Jon Brengan

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Yesterday, I was out on the "S" river, there were two Spey guys in the drift below me. One guy just down from me, snagged and pulled up to retie. As I came along side, I struck up the conversation, complimenting him on being able to reach the far bank w/o killing himself like myself (singlehander). He finishes retying, and asks if I wanted to try a cast or two? I couldn't turn it down. He gives me the run down on how its done,plus I've been watching for a hour or more and wishing my casts could be that easy. My shoulder aches after a good day, I was able to send a cast out into the drift on the first cast. The next ones didn't look like much and this guy looked as though he was ready to start fishing again, so I handed it back to him. I stood nearby watching enviously at his casting, asking questions and thinking of how I can actually afford this type of rig. That was really cool. Thanks to the mystery angler, I was so stoked that I forgot to ask your name, my bad, but thanks again. Your generosity got the wheels turning.


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Congradulations. Now that you've had a taste of it, plus discovered that we are not all bad guys, it's time you made a trip to Monroe or Carnation. I'm talking about the on the river spey clinics put on by a couple of fly shops that are really into the two hand thing. Lots of equipment, all properly set up. Friendly instructors, free advice. Everything anyone would need to get them pointed in the right direction,,,,before they drop the hammer on the bank account. All for free. One is on Sat, the other on Sun. Every Sat & Sun! You guys up there in the Seattle area have it made. Do a search and find these clinics. Welcome to the club.

stewart dee

You'r a big boy now. Good Luck the single hand days are over and you won't look back. I hope you stick a piggy the first time out.