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......that I haven't posted on here yet this season. Some things have been going on in my life that have largely kept me off the water this year. The one time I did get out to chase crappies was well after the spawn and I never caught up with a school. But mostly high water has been a problem. The river is still running about 26,000cfs and that is about 3x more than I am comfortable in with my Fat Cat. Hopefully it will drop to a reasonable level in another month or so. Water temps are unseasonably cool for August as well and that is not making things any easier. I have caught a few big crappies down near the city park but only twos or threes, not enough to take home and test in my new deep fat fryer. Soon perhaps.

I went to Bonnie Lk. w / my brother and dad Saturday. The Lk. was green with Al G. clumps, and fishing was slow. They were spinning and picked up three nice crappie and a perch between the two of them, and I picked up a couple bass on my fly outfit. There was some really big tail slapping rises out there fairly regularly, and the whole time we were out there, but not consistently rising in the same place. More like they were cruising and rising as they had the opportunity. None of us really saw one of the fish rise, we just heard them. Fun day though anyways.

Which deep fryer did you purchase and why? We are in the market for one and have been reading reviews on line etc. Haven't come to a conclusion yet. Just the two of us at home so a large one isn't needed. Interested in your opinion. Thanks. Maybe your fall will be epic after a slow summer.



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Doug, I purchased a GE 12 cup fryer mod # 169219 15. It appears to be the exact same unit that is sold with the Hamilton Beach name. The pan, basket, heating element and controls all appear to be the same with only minor cosmetic differences on the outside. The HB model is sold by Amazon for $38.54 with free shipping and gets very good reviews.

I bought it because it is mostly stainless steel with a minimum of plastic parts. It disassembles easily and everything can go in the dishwasher but the heating element/control unit.

It works very well. I recently caught some dandy smallmouth down in the river and did fish and chips in it. Probably the best I have ever eaten thanks to Couleeflyfishers excellent batter recipe. Have also done onion rings with good success. I am using canola oil in it and refrigerating the oil between frys. Since I am the only one that eats any fried food here it is plenty big enough for me and certainly will work for two as well.

For around $40 it meets all my needs, makes excellent food and is easy to store. Anything more for me would be overkill.



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Hi Ive,
What is, or does anyone have an opinion on the indoor electric Butterball Turkey fryer/steamer/boiler? & another Q is that they never posted a price on the infomercial, so if anyone has any ideas? ....