wenatchee fly fishing

So, you brag about how many fish you catch in the same thread where you are telling everyone how it's only classy fishing if you limit yourself to one particular method, AND that the numbers are the only thing that OTHERS care about? You sir, are a a complete hypocrite.

I don't fish steelhead at all anymore. I am, however , as you so elegantly put it, an "idiot with terets".
Next time you accuse people of being classless, I'd suggest doing so while not making such ridiculously ignorant comments.

I'm willing to bet that standing face-to-face on the water, you would take the classy approach and choose not to make your tourettes comment... But just in case I'm wrong, you have an open invitation to come discuss such things with me out on the water. I'll try not to hurt you with my wild, tourretes influenced casting.

I've settled on this. i catch all i need spey fishing (likely more than you've had hot meals) and if i want to fish gear i do it. you know with a pin or other. no pretending, no wind knots, no looking like a monkey fucking a football. and most importantly not making my "fly guide" repeatedly row through prime water while i heave that bullShit around like an idiot with terets. the constant mending and micro adjustment part is my favorite. this is the buck fluffing i laugh at every winter. i feel this is not the thread for such debate however perhaps clo you could start a new one and convince me of your artful methods and how to properly match the bait. oh and i really could give a rip how anyone fishes just stay off my water. most bead fishermen know Dick about manners...........quick clo bobber down you got one. now the question is can you get that eighty feet of slack back on the reel or will you dance me a jig in that raft and be hog tied by your hog.
I'd say your humor is about as effective as your ability to find the point.

"idiot with terets"

Repeat that statement a few times out loud, then come back and tell us all how classy you are because of your chosen method of fishing.

I have tourrettes. If you wouldn't make the above statement to my face, perhaps you should think twice about throwing it around on the internet. Not very classy after all.

sorry if my humor offended you. i have not caught more fish than anyone has had hot meals. an attempt at irony. it was in response to an equally humorous remarking that those that swing are not there to catch fish. i guess I'm just about as funny as i am am effective angler. no one seems to be getting their panties in much of a bunch just kinda talking Shit around the fire man. no harm intended. lighten up. you can cast however you like, i have some pretty choice moments myself, feel free to laugh out loud its ok


Indi "Ira" Jones
There are some specific access sites on the Wenatchee that can be accessed via the WFF members if you know who to ask.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Oh and a third fourth fifth etc to any thread ending that continues the ridiculous debate about methodology, ethics, morals, etc about how to catch steelhead.