Westport Tuna fishing

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    Last Friday me and a guy from work went tuna fishing out of Westport. We where gear fishing but it was still a good time. I have literally never seen opened ocean so smooth. (Look at the water in the back ground of the picture). The charter left Westport at 2:30AM so we left Seattle at 10PM the night before, arrived in Westport around 12:30 found a bar that was opened and stay until they closed at 2. At 2:30 on the nose the boat was pulling out of Westport, dead tired I tried to sleep on the run 40 miles off shore, drifted in and out of sleep until about 5:30. Around 6 we where fishing... No we where catching. Between the 8 guys on the charter we caught 118 tuna by 11:00AM, I only have one picture for now until I get the others from my co worker because the fishing was so crazy you didn't have time to get the camera out. The fish ranged from 20-30lbs and would take a live anchovies literally 5 feet from the boat. We caught so many fish the ice boxes on the boat where plugged but it was cool enough and overcast so we just started stacking them on the deck (the picture shows only the overflow fish)

    Oh and the boat we took out was the hula girl, it was a father son who ran it and they where a blast! image.jpg
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    Sounds like a terrific trip. I attempted once and the weather was just the opposite so most of the boats didn't go out. I'll keep Hula Girl in mind if I get another opportunity.

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