Westside Carp Lakes?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by bconrad, Jul 20, 2006.

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    Well, I have a feeling this may land me in hot water, but I'm going to ask anyways. Does anyone have a decent carp lake within an hour or so of Seattle that they could direct me to? I'm not really interested in dealing with the crowds in Green Lake, so I was hoping for something a bit out of the way. I've done a search, by the way. Flame away...
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    No flamin' here, I love 'em as they are great fun. Aside from Green Lake (try fishing from a pontoon to get away from the shorebound folks), Lake Washington has many in the Newport Shores area but the milfoil makes for tough fishing. My guess is the Kenmore area near Logboom Park has them as well.
    Lake Tapps is supposed to have lots of carp though I haven't fished it. Access might be an issue.
    The best fishing that I've found is the central desert country. Several folks fish the Columbia around Vantage-some areas need boats, others are accessible from the beach. Banks Lake is filled with carp as is Moses Lake and Potholes. My Wenatchee fishing buddy is exploring some of the overflow ponds along the road north of Wenatchee. She's found northern pikeminnows and suspects carp are there as well.
    The lower Yakima from Benton City to the mouth has lots of carp, though they are more of a moving target of opportunity. Banks and other lakes allow you to stalk and cast which is way fun.

    FLYRODR Guest

    Was doing some snorkeling in Sammamish awhile back near the State Park swimming area and saw lots of carp near the vegetation areas. Unfortunately, the water was about five to six feet, not real advantageous. I've been doing my hunting in Kennewick around Columbia Park. They were so thick, they'd slam into my kayak when I cruised through the bottlenecks...
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    Lake Tapps does have a lot of carp! And muskie! And small mouth. It is a pretty shallow lake so all can be caught on a fly. Just look for the shallows for the carp. Look for weeds for the muskie, snag island for the bass.

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