Wetside Bass Report


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Hit a couple of lakes today. Lots of pre-spawn fish cruising the shallows and a few already on beds. Saw a couple of hog smallies swim by, but no love from them. I fished one of these lakes last weekend and didn't see a fish. A few nice weather days really turned them on. All of the bedded fish were on the north side of the lake, taking advantage of the southerly sun. Nice day on the water.
Here are some pics from today.



Good report and nice pics! I'll be out throwing flies @ the Smallies on a northend lake tomorrow morning. Will post picks if we land anything noteworthy.


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On a local lake Wed. I happened to noticed several LMB cruising the shallows as well. No love from them, that day but I think this week's warm weather will get them in the mood.
Thanks man !! I skipped the local lakes this W/E but I think this is going to be the week. I was out all last week and did not see an active bed but saw the females cruising. The Blue Gill in my pond cleaned the first spot while I was gone this W/E so it's not far off !!!

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I would love to fish the westside for some flyrod bass from my pontoon boat. Any suggestions on productive lakes? Launch sites, Best Flies Etc! I would love to fish Lake Sammamish but I'm afraid I'd run be down by the power boats. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
fished upper lake washington on saturday evening. new to WA (from MD) and that water just looked bassy. wind was up and the water was a little mucked up, so conditions weren't ideal. no bass, but missed one trout short striking a wooly bugger. i think i'll try a smaller lake next time - it will hopefully be warmer than lake washington - although i feel like i missed a good window from the warm spell we had a few weeks ago.


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Fished a lake in nw pierce county and caught a few blue gills and a small large mouth both firsts on the fly for me
Super fun
The grass edges that were in the sun seemed to produce better
green wooly hooked these guys and a few stockers
I'm stoked on flipping flys into the bank
Cheers fellas