WFF : Dry Falls : Apr 20-22


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Dry Falls (New for 2007)

Dan Soltau said:
the weekend of the 28th of april, it is a full moon and hopefully spectacular night fishing
It's also the last Saturday in April, which means Sun Lakes State Park will be full to capacity.
Dry Falls (New for 2007)

Hey we could do the seeps. I mean it does not have the amenities that sun lakes has but instead of one lake you have a dozen lakes and can fish for Trout even Browns !! ,Bass and hog Carp. Just a thought.
Dry Falls (New for 2007)

There is a large area above Sage. Just a thought. The seeps have such a varied awry from trout,carp & bass all within a fairly small area.

Nick Riggs

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Dry Falls (New for 2007)

I think that should be the final word. Seep Lakes the last saturday of April. The sooner we come to a decision, the better.
Dry Falls (New for 2007)

I think we are starting from scratch if we want to change the locale. We need to put that to a vote: Dry Falls vs. other locales

Old Man

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Dry Falls (New for 2007)

Well it has always been at Dry Falls. The week before opening day. At least is was the last four times.
If you wait until opening day it is always crowded where ever you go.

You can't please everyone so some will always be disappointed as to the time to go. Besides this is a good base of operations. Everything else is close by. Besides it is a good place to party at.

Dry Falls (New for 2007)

It has to be Dry Falls 20-22nd. It's a four year tradition. The Seeps would be a great late spring trip we can plan after this event. Sun Lakes was chosen a few years back to accomadate as many people and their families as possible. Not having certain amenities within a reasonable distance would put a lot of people out.

Alpine is right, the last weekend will be a zoo. Every camping spot will be taken 2 or three times over. Besides, the week before the rangers won't give a damn about the night time activities.

Scott Salzer

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Dry Falls (New for 2007)

So, is it 20-22nd? That would work well for me, if anybody really cares.... Can't wait to match wits with those raccoons.... Who woulda thunk that they can upzip the boat bags?